How to tell us your bank details

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Least Risk
Provide us with your:

a) bank account details, or
b) contact details

in person.

1. bring a bank statement or deposit slip into our office to photocopy, or
2. bring in a handwritten note of your bank account details,
3. come in and verbally provide your bank account details to us.

Examples 2 & 3 carry a separate risk of transcription error.

Varying degrees of higher risk
1. E-mail us:

(a) an attachment of your bank statement or deposit slip, and
(b) noting bank account details in the text of the e-mail.

This works best if you have provided your contact details (eg. phone number) in person, we then call you to verify details over the phone.

2. Send details to us directly from your banking app. We verify details by phone.

3. You provide details over the phone. This carries a risk of transcription error.

Where you have not provided your contact details in person, there is a risk of fraud.


January 2018